Top 5 Historical pictures that will shock you

UniDaily's top 5 amazing historical pictures

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. The guy sat at the back, definitely new what was going on 😉 #UNIDaily
This is Albert Einstein’s office in Princeton, New Jersey, the way he last left it. He would die later that night. The year was exactly 1955 #UNIDaily


A British foot guard passes out as Queen Elizabeth II rides past during the colour parade in June, 1970. Is it special powers or is it SPECIAL POWERS??? #UNIDaily
James Bond actor, Sean Connery signs coconut for a girl in Jamaica whilst he was there filming for Dr. No in 1962. Wonder how old that girl/grown woman is today?


Our final #UniDaily Top 5 historical pictures is when Marilyn Monroe met Queen Elizabeth. They both were 30 years of age at the time and you can tell from the picture. There was mutual admiration.. #UNIDaily