Top 5 Worst Pick up Lines

Don't be a dating disaster... #AskNikki

By, the way if you still use pick up lines, in 2016.. There is something seriously wrong with you!!

Let’s fix it!!!  But before I start… let’s get right to the start of why…errrrrrrrrrrrr pick up lines where created in the first place..

Well, Not all men have been blessed with the gift of GAB.. or conversation.. Some are simply nervous.. or are not as confident to hook the interest of an attractive female. In fact, most men don’t have these talents, which is why the pickup line was created in the first place.

Ok,  #AskNikki’s Top 5 Worst Pick up Lines…

At number 5:

I just wanted to see if I could make you come with one finger

So, this actually was used on a friend of mine… “The guy beckoned her with the ‘come here’ motion with his index finger and said: ‘I just wanted to see if I could make you come with one finger.”

No, No, No.. and triple No..

Sounds like something you’d hear on Geordie Shore. Also, most guys shouldn’t oversell themselves; imagine if she actually believes you have magical sexual abilities. You might have!! But you just murdered your chances..


At Number 4:

“Screw me if I’m wrong, but is your name Iolanthe?”

Hmmm…. Funny, but will probably get you a smile , you weirdo get out of here.. or a sharp I’m standing next to a weirdo, get me the f out of here…

At Number 3:

This was actually personal experience… So, this guy walked up to me and said….

Oh, excuse me, but I think you dropped something…

“…Then he handed me a piece of paper with his  phone number.”

I smiled, took the paper and put in a bin…

This reeks of desperation, a total lack of confidence and the inability to communicate. This is the equivalent of asking permission to kiss a girl. We imagine that anyone who attempts this tactic runs away in fear as soon as the paper is in the target’s hand. And you wonder why she doesn’t call.

At Number 2:

This was actually sent to me by Joe Thomas from Leicestershire.. He said…

Excuse “Pulled up to a young lady on the street in my ride and asked ‘Excuse me, can you give me directions…’

and she looked ready to help until I said “to your house?” Then she walked away and said “Nice try.”

I agree: Nice try with that pickup line.

At Number 1:

Are those space jeans you are wearing? Because your arse is out of this world.

As a general rule, don’t reference a woman’s behind upon first meeting her — especially in conjunction with a “joke” that a 12-year-old could come up with. First, you’ll come off as crass. Second, your true IQ will shine through.