University of Hertfordshire takes over Chelsea in Fashion Showdown!!

Last Monday, May 16th, at Chelsea Old Town Hall, the University of Hertfordshire organized its annual graduate fashion show to reward its deserving students.

IMG_6470The University of Hertfordshire is one of its region’s largest employers with over 2,700 staff and a turnover of over £238 million ; With a student community of over 24,800 including more than 4,100 overseas students from 100 different countries, the University has a global network of over 210,000 alumni and It is also one of the top 150 universities in the world under 50 years old, according to the new Times Higher Education 150 under 50 rankings 2016.

Ted baker along with designers Maria Grachvogel, David Emmanuel and Ally Capellino sponsored the event and allowed Twenty Three student to present their own collection with twenty three different concept and univers for our spectators who were craving for originality and new things.

IMG_6600     IMG_6489

IMG_6712      IMG_6700

The show started with participants presenting six outfits per collections. Each collection had a story and an artistic purpose suppose to illustrate some aspect of life or art through an outfit. Colorful , sober , minimalist or authentic would be the adjective to describe this amazing and atypical show .

At the end of the show , Three designers  have been provided with rewards : Poppy Georgia Denett ,who wanted to express freedom of the body had the Commercial collection reward , Sasha Hodjati,with his high-end glamorous glossy fashion look had the Colored and Printed collection, and Yesim Ayebe, with the first collection of Orchid Lyla, her minimalist and sober collection which re-imagine  the idea of contortion, restriction and drape in clothing was The Designer Of The Year .

( pictures bellow)

IMG_6647       (Poppy Georgia Denett)

IMG_6668Savinchi (Sasha Hodjati)


Cell Seldom (Yesim Ayebe)

Yaesim Ayebe granted us with an interview which presents the idea and inspiration behind her collection :

« I’m really happy and excited for this award and I’d like to thank all my teachers and the people who supported me through everything »

What was your inspiration for this collection ?

«Cell Seldom (my collection name) took its original inspiration from the film “Girl Interrupted”, which focuses on a woman’s 18 month stay in a mental asylum. This led to research on mental health, and historical methods of prevention and treatment of mental health issues. A prominent feature of this research was the use of a straight jacket, which solidified a key design feature of the collection; restriction. Following this I created a relaxed silhouette through the use of drape in various forms and is based around the restriction of amplified volume with the aid of straps and buckle fastenings.»

What are your favorite designers ? 

« Wow ,(laugh) quite complicated, there is so many I like ; but I would say Alexander Wang, Erdem, Balenciaga and many other designers inspired me for this collection »

What were the materials you used for your clothing ? 

« I have used a variety of fabrics throughout my collection, such as; jersey, silk satin, silk chiffon and 100% wool, and they have all been specifically placed according to their properties. I chose each fabric intentionally for their individual characteristics; stretch, drape and opacity. »

What are your plans for the future? 

« I hope to continue learning and developing  my skills within the Fashion industry. After working within the industry I hope to pass my knowledge on to others within a teaching environment. »

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Interview & coverage by Matthieu MARTIGUE