Irish Actress, Model and TV Presenter making waves!!

Martina Bosede lands top secret role in Sky 1 TV Series

Martina Bosédé from Clonsilla, Co Dublin plays a top secret role in TV Series Stan Lee’s Lucky Man which looks set to be one of Stan Lee’s biggest TV shows ever. Martina got to work with fellow Irish actor James Nesbitt and Thekla Reuten of In Bruges. Series 2 begins on February 24th on Sky1.

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‘I had a wonderful time on set with the cast and crew and I’m delighted have been apart of the series.I’m a big Marvel fan and it was such an amazing experience for me’.
Martina with a background in Performing arts and Journalism moved to London in 2012. She went to the National Performing Arts School in Dublin and The Gaiety School of Acting.Martina also played a role in Bollywood Movie ‘Shamitabh’ which was a hit in cinemas world wide last year. The film also stars Amitabh Bachchan.

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‘I love Bollywood movies and this was such a fun experience for me’. Martina who is signed by top agency BMA Artists in London is excited for the year ahead. ‘My agency are truly amazing and have been putting me forward for some top roles. I’ve been shooting a lot of self tapes recently and working very closely with my acting coach.’ Besides acting Martina is also a model and tv presenter and has her own music show on Sky, a show she came up with herself. She went for an audition for Keep It Country TV on Sky 389 in September 2016 and was offered a show at the audition.‘It’s quite surreal when I get asked about my show. I literally went to the audition and the owner said he loved my work and offered me a show there and then. I then had a look through the shows on the channel and I wanted to make this show unique. I called it ‘Girls Night In’ and it’s a fun show just about having a laugh and playing some fun country music’. The show is now one of most watched shows on the channel and play a lot of Irish country music artists.Martina also half Nigerian presents for Nollywood movies on Sky 329 covering all the red carpet premieres. ‘Nollywood is such a big industry and I love presenting for the channel. I go to Nigeria with my dad a lot and I love being there. There is talks for me to do some work out there also’