March 2018

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  • A journal for your every day tasks that will make you feel great!

    2018 is the year of planning, as bullet journaling, stationary and cute journals are back in style!! With happy and colorful designs, The Happiness Planner has executed the perfect journals for your everyday needs! The Happiness Planner is an inspirational brand whose vision is to inspire people to live a purpose & passion driven life […]

  • Colorful, Chic, Trendy and more!

    Looking for a bold clothing line with vibrant colors? Look no further! With Clara in Wonderland, you will be swaying in beautiful colors- stopping traffic! Clara in Wonderland is a trendy clothing line guaranteed to make you shine. They will take you into a world filled with style, color and amazing shapes. The refindments given […]

  • Looking to treat yourself with chic jewellery from Canada?

    The best part about shopping locally is finding things that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. The best part about Willow & Grey Jewelry is that you’d be shopping locally in Canada! So, if supporting local businesses is your thing, and your looking to buy beautiful, delicate, inspiring jewellery, look no further! Willow & Grey Jewelry is made […]

  • Need to tame those curls?

    If your curly hair is giving you a hard time, you must try this! There are countless products on the market, but Avlon is the one to look out for. Aimed towards women with curly hair, Avlon aims to provide high quality hair products for salons and personal use- so whether you like to relax and let […]

  • A Luxurious skin product for you, without harming the environment!

    If luxurious skin care routines are your thing, and you want to help the environment by using eco-friendly products, Skin Care brand Christopher Courtney is the brand to use! Whether your a Spa or you are a DIY kind of person, you will still get a luxurious, authentic, and therapeutic experience. Christopher Courtney London is […]

  • A whole new face to the classic Gin & Tonic!

    Gin and Tonic that rejuvenates you? Only in 2018 do we have that option! Enter: CollaGin, a brand that has taken the beloved drink Gin, added collagen to it, and changed the way people will drink in 2018. Brand creators Liz Bezwick and Camilla Brown introduced the world’s first gin range with added collagen to UK shores. With […]

  • The perfect gift customized just for her!

    Do you want a perfect gift for that special someone, or maybe you want to treat yourself to some jewellery? Look no further than a unique brand offering more than just your standard necklace, bracelets or ring. Introducing, Les Georgettes! A line of original French customised jewellery with reversible and interchangeables colours where every woman is allowed […]

  • A 1920’s term re-mastered into a way of life!

    A glass of wine a day keeps the doctors and stress away… Let’s add to that! 2018 is the year of really tuning into health and what better way to do it than with a glass of trendy wine in hand? That is what Gigglewater Prosecco is delivering to wine and fitness lovers all around! Catherine […]

  • An authentic flavour for every drink!

    Since 2010, the name Thomas Henry is the main inspiration for a young company from Germany to produce a perfect selection of soft drinks. Based in Berlin, the bitter lemonade experts have been busy adding high-class and unique products to the ever-changing world of gastronomy. In 2014, the brand introduced its “all day range”, the first […]